John Mello

Contact Info:

Mobile: +1 (210) 564-7222


I work with:

Residential, Buyers, Sellers, Investors

Service area ZIP codes:

San Antonio, Texas


Alice M...

“Completely recommend John Mello! He did a great job helping me understand the process. John gave me time to decide when I was ready to sell my home. Having dealt with realtors before, it was refreshing he conveyed my needs during negotiating process."

Brenda K...

“We were very difficult in finding the right home. I am so grateful Mr. Mello was patient and along the way, tried to help us understand the pros and cons of each home we liked."

Richard M...

“John was very dedicated to helping us and we really appreciated the time he invested with our search. Thank you so much for your patience and professionalism with helping me find what I needed definitely worth your help!"

Elida D...

“John was really dedicated and patient in helping us every step of the way. We really appreciated the time he took to answer any and all our questions! Highly recommend!"

Mercy T...

"Thanks for your patience and help!"

Abcde M...

“Mr. Mello has been very helpful in our search for rentals! We felt so confident with John that my husband and I decided to do a pre-qualification to search for our own home!"

Lorenzo E...

“John was professional and helped us understand the complexities of finding a home. He is honest, blunt, and knowledgeable about current market trends."

Victor S...

“John is always willing to help! He will find what you are looking for and guide you. Excellent customer service!"

Chris R...

“Thanks for your help Johnny! We loved it!"

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